A Fist Full of Kitties

A couple of months ago, Mr. L and I volunteered to foster some kittens for a local charity, The Cat Welfare Group.  The charity was inundated after collecting 28 kittens from one location and were asking for fosterers, so we decided to give it a try.  Six weeks ago, these we picked up these little bundles, who were about 5 weeks old. 

The little fluff balls are Scooby, Scrappy, Fred, Daphne and Dill.  Dill’s an interloper.  He was the only survivor from his litter so he was put in with the Scooby Gang for company.

Kittens are major time wasters!  Aside from feeding them 3 times a day, we played with them loads, cuddled them when they were tired and also became a cat bed when required!

It’s been a great privilege watching them grow up, learning new skills and seeing their personalities develop.  I’d made them each a blanket to take with them so that they had something with a familiar scent to help them transition into their new homes.  I’d wanted to have a go at making a cat head quilt for a while so this was a perfect excuse.

Once they were old enough, they had their first round of vaccinations, were microchipped and had a flea and worming treatment and then they were ready to go to their forever homes.  Obviously having 5 kittens to play with…. I mean look after… I’ve not had a lot of time for crafting but I did manage to make a cute cat envelope to hold all the kitten’s documents and information sheet.

So, we’ve done our bit now and they’ve all gone off to their forever homes.  Scrappy, Fred and Daphne have all settled in well and are making themselves at home.  However, Scooby and Dill captured our hearts and so will be staying with us – #fosterfail.  We just need to break the news to Monty and Leia, our resident moggies!

Clockwise from top left corner are Scrappy, Scooby, Daphne, Fred and Dill

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